The four S’s of Servanthood

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Hopefully you have had the opportunity to meet, or at least read about individuals, who are always there for other people…helping in any way they can without asking anything in return. These are the true leaders, the servant leaders in social, economic and church groups.
• The young boy who offers to do chores for his sister, so that she had more time to work on her science
project at night and on weekends for two weeks. How grateful his sister was for his generosity to help.
• The priest who, after preparing and delivering an adult education program, stays after to vacuum the social
hall so that everyone can get home a bit earlier.
• The government leader who picks up a shovel and helps clean up the filth of flooding in his district, not afraid to get dirty.
These people, and others like them, are models for us of how to live the servant life mentioned in our Gospel reading. They work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. They demonstrate the 4 S’s of Servants:
Selfless – putting others needs before their own desires
Steadfast – faithfully and continually working for the good
Serious – focused on responding (but still keeping a sense of humor)
Sensitive – alert, aware, and responsive to the people and situations around them
This week, as the air turns colder and we spend more time indoors, perhaps we could take time to examine the 4 S’s and our own servant attitude…. we might even become aware of a new area we are being called to within our church or community.
Peg Orzel