No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted

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We have flipped the calendar to February, the memories of Christmas have faded and the preparations for our Lenten journey have begun. How appropriate that our Gospel calls us to reflect on healing and prayer. Our Gospel account could be an episode in a reality show of Jesus’ life. So much appears to happen in the 24 hour period ‘from the synagogue, to Simon’s house where he heals Simon’s mother in law, then he greets the whole town as he cures the sick and drives out demons, next to a deserted place where he prayed and finally he leaves for nearby villages to preach.’ Wow……..and we think our ‘days’ our busy!

“He approached, grasped her hand and helped her up” What a perfect picture for us to keep in mind as we go about our daily activities. Jesus arrived at the house probably expecting to enjoy a relaxing dinner and conversation with his friends. But when he encountered someone in need he immediately grasped her hand and helped her.

I pause and ask myself: How quick am I to respond to the people I encounter? Am I willing to get directly involved when needed….or am I so focused on my agenda that I don’t even see those who could use an outstretched hand? Our involvement might be as simple as a short conversation, it might be providing emotional support during a difficult time, it might involve helping someone with their basic needs or searching out ways for them to get ongoing assistance.. and are we aware that the people in need might be in our own household?

“For this purpose have I come” Jesus was well aware of what His role was and was confident saying and doing it. ‘He went into the synagogues and preached and He healed people throughout Galilee.’ Perhaps His awareness came during His time of prayer.

I pause and ask myself: Do I pray as I could or should? Do I reflect on the words I say during public prayer? Am I willing to spend time alone in silence? Do I ask for the grace to know my purpose each day?… Do I pray to be open to others? For the courage and strength to be responsive to others? As we begin our preparation for our Lenten journey, perhaps we could use this Gospel as a guide!

Peg Orzel