Living the Gospel – July 21, 2019

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Martha was a dedicated person who was intent on giving Jesus, her valued guest, the best hospitality she could possibly afford. In truth, she was probably intent on showing how great a hostess she was and took on much more work than she could handle, which left her very little time to spend with Jesus.

We’ve all been too elaborate and over the top with functions or dinners where you might feel a bit uncomfortable, being afraid to touch anything lest you should break it, or soil it or say the wrong thing or sit in the wrong place. Then again we’ve been to other dinners which are not so elaborate and you feel more comfortable and relaxed as you mingle with the guests and enjoy yourself.

Martha was upset that Mary was sitting next to Jesus and not helping her serve the guests. So she went to Jesus and said “Lord dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve all by myself? Bid her therefore that she help me.” And Jesus tells her “ Martha, Martha, only one thing is needful, and Mary has taken the better part.” This should remind us that God does not expect anything elaborate from us but He simply wants to be with us.

Many times, we get so busy that we forget to listen to God, too busy to have a meaningful conversation with God, and taking from Him the quiet and cheerful spirit that gives you strength and happiness. Only one thing is necessary and that is to be with Jesus at all times, and nothing else is absolutely necessary.

Thanks be to God

Lloyd Lapierre