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From Our Pastor

Advent 2021

I arrived here July 1. I can hardly believe it already Advent! And yet, here we are.

We have two different callings in Advent; wait and prepare! Neither one can be ignored.

Waiting is essential and beneficial. We know this from many aspects of our lives. We often can’t wait for the next event we are looking forward to. When do I get to high school? When do I get my drivers license? When can I get to college? When will I get my first job? When do I meet the love of my life? When is our first child coming? When can I retire? It seems that waiting is a central element of living our lives.

And so it is with Advent, time given to us to spiritually contemplate the coming of Christ at Christmas. A time to be grateful for Christ’s redemptive entry into our lives, to recommit to follow Him from Bethlehem to Calvary. A time to repent for failing to follow His teaching and example. All while waiting to again celebrate the great gift of God’s love for us in Faith!

Let’s make this Advent a powerful and effective time to create the best Christmas ever!

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Fr. Corey