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Parish Council Meeting Minutes March 2, 2020 PDF 

St. Stephen-St.Patrick  Parish Council Minutes

March 10, 2020

In Attendance:  Dan Burke, Justin VanTassel, Brittney Penrose, Peg Orzel; Ralph Canfield

Absent: John Mihalko, Don Barry, Chris Brandstat

The March meeting of the St. Stephen-St. Patrick Parish Council was held at our Marathon Church at 7PM.

Opening Prayer – Group recitation of a Lenten Prayer for Transformation

Scripture Passage was read by Dan Burke, cochairperson, followed by a brief Sharing of prayer intentions.

The minutes of our February Meeting were approved as submitted.

Old Business

1.Marathon Sound System – the purchase of new equipment will be made when funds are available in the Church Budget. This might need to wait until  the new fiscal year which begins in July.

2.Drop in Meeting Place – an announcement was in the church bulletin asking for input on interest in this project. No one responded to express interest in helping to finance, build or volunteer their time. Therefore this project will be dropped from discussion at this time.

3.Internet Provider – Dan Burke has discussed the internet provide with Dick Bensley, one of our financial committee members. If changing providers will  save the parish money we will go forward with the change.

4.Bulletin and Facebook contents and format – After discussing the article Vibrant Parish, it was suggested that some changes could be made to free up space to allow the bulletin to be used to communicate/explain articles of our faith and practices within our church as well as for evangelization.

  1. Combine food pantry need in the section on the hours the Pantry is open
  2. Combine the prayer chain articles into one article
  3. Examine the ‘Vocation View’ section to see if it duplicates the messages elsewhere
  4. Add a “Did you Know?” column that could share history,

traditions, and/or teachings of the church.  Dynamic Catholic.com might be one resource for the content.

  1. Facebook page could be used to share history, traditions, Saints and teachings of the Church as well as a outreach tool.
  1. Survey Results – Conversation continued regarding the information gathered from the survey and shared with Fr. Doug. As previously announced a decision will be made in April concerning the Prayer Intention Book. This six month trial period has allowed usage and discussion.
  2. Journey Song Books have been replaced. Signups to receive the books, no longer needed, have been completed and the books will be made available for those who want them. The remaining books will be donated.

New Business

  1. Ralph Canfield, a Marathon Board trustee, shared information from the findings of the Marathon Board study of lights in the Village.
    1. The light pole on Church property behind the newly installed shed near the parking lot is leaning and could be a potential safety issue. This is probably due to the decaying of the base of the pole. Ralph presented three possibilities: 1) remove the pole and not replace it 2)replace the pole with a new pole in the same location 3)replace the pole and put it in a new location.

Ralph stressed that he was just presenting their findings to the Council and that it was totally up to our church if we act on their observation. The village is willing to work with us in any way we want.

  1. Ralph also mentioned that some past years the winter runoff and spring rains have negatively impacted the land between the parking lot and sidewalk. He wondered if there will be a problem this year because the snow was plowed to the front of the parking lot and not the back and that the runoff does not have as much land to drain. (under the parking lot). He is willing to contact the office if he notices a problem. The Canfields live next door to the Marathon church and can easily observe activity/problems.
  2. Dan Burke, an electrician, member of our council has worked with the Marathon village ‘crew’ on projects in the past. He will present this information to our maintenance ministry and follow up with the Marathon crew.
  1. Stephen 150th Anniversary
    1. The Diocesan Archive Department has requested an item that represents the church history that could be included in the display to commemorate this historic event.
    2. Brittney Penrose will contact the Griep family and/or Dawn Odinek and Carol Nigli to see what is available and appropriate. .
  2. Maple Fest Italian Dinner
    1. There was no response to the bulletin announcement to chair a committee to plan and implement the dinner. Therefore our church will not sponsor a dinner during the Maple Festival. It is hoped that such a dinner could be held later in the Season.



Respectfully submitted,


Peg Orzel, Secretary