Living the Gospel – April 21, 2019 – Easter

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No day, no holiday, no Holyday can compare with Easter! Christ rose from the dead, altered the past, shaped the future. Nothing can be the same again. All our hopes and happiness stem from that event.

Easter is the center-the center of our Faith—the center of our lives. We live our lives on earth, hopefully centered in Christ.

Easter is the center of Christ’s life. After all, He came to earth to suffer, die and rise for us giving us the hope of eternal life. With the resurrection, Christ’s goal as a human was accomplished. We may think we have to struggle and strive to reach eternal life, but Christ has done it for us. How are we to respond?

I went to a “Day of Prayer” on Ash Wednesday. The priest emphasized the Glorious Easter season celebrates the center of our Faith. Only he stressed that the season was 90 days rather than 50: Forty days to prepare (Lent) and 50 days to celebrate! For forty days we die to self, then rise again to celebrate—a 2nd chance to live with Jesus as our center.

The women who went to the tomb were worried. Who would roll back the stone? But they found the entrance open. No stone blocked their way.

This is a question we all must face: Have we risen to new life with Christ. Are their boulders weighing us down and keeping us imprisoned in our tombs? The Good News is that by God’s power the boulders that hold us locked and buried can be rolled back and we can be set free. He has freed us from sin and death. God is in charge!

We can thank Him best by opening our hearts to become His children as He called each of us to be. So rejoice! Let us lift our hearts and hands to heaven as we again contemplate (and LIVE!) the New Life that we have been given in Jesus Christ and to go out in to the world proclaiming the Good News of His all encompassing love for us!


Linda Caminiti