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The Walk, by Richard Paul Evans is a popular novel that tells of a man, named Al, who lost everything – his job, his home and the love of his life – all within a short period of time. He struggles for peace and meaning in life and decides to take a walk. But it was not an ordinary walk. He decides to take only the barest of essentials, leaves behind all that he’s known and heads for the farthest destination on his map. The people and situations he meets along the way change him physically and spiritually. He is able to get in touch with his “center” and realize the essentials of life and share his message with others.

Like The Walk, our Gospel story today tells of a walk. This walk is a journey made by the astrologers from the East who set out to seek Jesus. Some researchers think their walk may have lasted several years, that they were guided by the alignment of the stars, and that they got lost along the way…but they, like Al, were finally successful in their search.

We too search to find meaning to our lives, to reach our goals and to be at peace. We can be sure that in our lifetime we too will meet many difficulties and hardships. Sometimes a simple walk in nature will clear our mind, but sometimes more is needed. These challenges can make us seek new ways to live and to be happy. We can spend our days bemoaning our situation or we can grow from them. Our life can be one of routine where we continually do the same thing…or we can seek out new ways and ‘new paths to walk.’

The magi brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Perhaps they are symbolic gifts for us to offer to God and, others as we journey through life. Are we being called to use our money (our gold) in a different way, perhaps to help those less fortunate. In the Bible, incense represents prayer… are we being called to learn about and experience different types of prayer such as centering prayer or lectio divina. Check out this web site regarding various types of prayer http://pray.nd.edu/videos/. Myrrh was a perfume used to prepare a dead body for burial. Are we being called to die to ourselves and more seriously seek God’s will?

On this great feast of the Epiphany, let’s be wise enough to seek God and give God our all!!!

If you are looking for a great short book, pick up a copy of The Walk. It’s an easy inspiring read!

Peg Orzel