Sowers of Seeds

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In today’s Gospel, we hear the parable of the sower of seeds. As the farmer sows his seeds, not all fall on fertile land. Some fall by the wayside and spring up too quickly without soil to root, to be overcome by weed and thorns. As Jesus explains the parable, we realize that the seeds refer to us and how we respond to God’s word. If we receive the word of God, but do not understand it, are not open to it, or do not make it a part of our lives, we have chosen the path away from God.

Some of us receive the word of God and eagerly accept it with enthusiasm, but quickly tire of it during times of trial. We are believers until things go wrong or something else has caught our interest; our faith has not grown strong enough to carry us through the truly difficult times.
The example of the seed thrown among thorns is perhaps the most difficult because we live in the secular world and must conform to some of its rules. We are constantly being bombarded by the cares of this world and can easily be caught up in the immediate situation and be swept away without realizing it. The seed that falls on fertile soil mirrors those who are open to God’s word. They strive to listen and learn – to understand and live according to God’s will.
Whenever I read or hear this gospel, I reflect on my life and where I might be at that time. What obstacles do I need to overcome? What changes do I need to make to be fully open to God’s will? As we reflect on this Gospel and where we might be, shouldn’t we consider these questions and determine what we need to do to become the seed in fertile soil?

Kathy Cusick