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Once upon a time, there was (and still is!) a Medical Mission Sister named Sr. Miriam Therese Winter; with a PhD in liturgical studies, three honorary PhDs and an assortment of publications and musical albums to her credit. She is a professor and chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT. And in her spare (?) time, she works in women’s prisons. Whatever would inspire a religious sister to work this hard? One of her songs might hold the answer. Maybe you remember it…
Spirit of God in the clear running water
Blowing to greatness the trees on the hill.
Spirit of God in the finger of morning:
Fill the earth, bring it to birth,
And blow where you will.
Blow, blow, blow till I be
But the breath of the Spirit blowing in me.
On this Pentecost, when we are reminded once again that God’s Spirit can set the hearts of even very ordinary people on fire, maybe the words of the song also hold a message for us. The Spirit is always with us : do we listen to it, let it warm and inspire us? Do we trust the Spirit when it leads us into uncharted waters, new experiences, or even daring adventures? Those who live in the Spirit glow with the light of the Spirit shining from within them. You can see it…! Compassion, caring, strength, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are their gifts to us. And when we trust in the Spirit, we can joyfully offer those gifts to others! Come, Holy Spirit, come!
Dorothy A. Hathway, CSJA