Pastor’s Column – November 06, 2022

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Pastor’s Column – November 06, 2022

This weekend’s Readings from Sacred Scripture speak to us about death. As we mature, we become more concerned and preoccupied with the idea of death. This past Wednesday evening we gathered as a parish family and prayed for those who have died in the past year. How powerful that Remembrance Service was! It is always one of the most beautiful services of the year because we need to pray for and remember those who have gone before us into God’s loving embrace. Our Catholic faith tells us that death is not the end of life, but a continuation of life. If we unite ourselves with our Lord Jesus in this life, we have His promise that we will be united with Him for all eternity in His kingdom in heaven. Let us hold fast to this truth and live our lives in anticipation of the life to come in God’s kingdom in heaven.

After much thought and prayer I have decided that it is best that we make a MINOR change to our weekend Mass schedule at this time. I would like to keep the Mass at St. Patrick’s at 8:30 and would like to adjust the Mass time at St. Stephen’s to 10:15. This will make it easier for the priest to get to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for the 12:00 Mass. I thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding in this matter. I would also like to share with everyone that this is a very temporary solution. We are able to keep this schedule as long as I am able to have help on Sunday mornings. There will come a time when we will need to adjust our parish Mass schedule to having one Mass on Sunday. Please continue to pray for an increase in the number of priestly vocations in our diocese. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!

Fr. Jim

Marathon’s New Sunday Mass Time of 10:15 AM will begin November 27th.