Pastor’s Column – December 25, 2022

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Pastor’s Column – December 25, 2022

Today is Born our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord! This responsorial psalm from today’s Mass speaks to us about the beauty and power of this day. Today, our Savior is born for us. The Feast of Christmas calls us all to recognize the need that all of us have for a Savior in our lives. Our God takes flesh in the form of a little child to save us from our sins. Our God comes as an innocent child to invite us to trust in His great love for us. We all are in need of God’s unconditional love in our lives. As we make our yearly pilgrimage to the stable in Bethlehem, we are reminded that we named Him Emmanuel, God with us. Our God is still with us today and on this Christmas day, let us pause to thank our God for this glorious presence in our lives. May our Christmas celebrations empower us to go forth and to be bearers of the Good News of God’s Unconditional love for us!

Merry Christmas!

Fr. Jim