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Trinity Sunday

Our Gospel reading this morning is short but packs a powerful message for us concerning the Holy Spirit. The opening sentence “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.,” which was spoken to the disciples, but also meant for us, is very reassuring. God does not expect us to entirely grasp his message at one time. He assures us that the Spirit will guide us. Our responsibility seems to be to slow down and open our mind and hearts to hear and recognize God speaking to us. Our days are full with ‘to do lists’, but we can’t allow them to get so busy that we don’t set time aside to ask God to reveal His plan for us.

“The Spirit that descended upon the disciples at Pentecost empowers us to share our hearts with others. There is a fluidity to the consistency of the Holy Spirit, who does great things through small acts of openness. As Christians, you and I are part of a great work – the work of the Spirit in our willing hearts than can impact the lives of others. The Holy Spirit is ready to empower you and work through you today. What is the small act of faithfulness and willingness that we can say “yes” to today?” Why We Need the Holy Spirit by Christ Padgett.

Peg Orzel