Living the Gospel – October 7, 2018

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In today’s gospel the Pharisees are trying to trap Jesus by asking him about divorces in marriage. Keep in mind that John the Baptist was beheaded when he spoke out against Herod divorcing his wife for Herodius who was his brother’s wife. But Jesus answers by telling them about God’s original plan of man and women marrying and becoming as one, and stressing that what God has joined, let no man put asunder.

Divorces cause much pain and suffering to the partners involved and mostly to their children but also affects the community. We have all seen or heard about marriages that must be ended for the safety of one of the partners or both, and most importantly the safety of the children. Surely God approves of this. It is the divorces of convenience that are displeasing to God.

Jesus came on earth to show us the way to eternal life. For sure there are some rules to follow including the ten commandments given earlier. If you desire to lead a happy life on earth, then you must follow the rules of God and the teachings of Jesus. We are created with free wills and you may choose to ignore any of the rules. But if you are not happy with your life on this earth it is possible you are neglecting to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ and the rules of happiness God has given us. God is always there to forgive us when we repent and strive to become closer to Him. Jesus is our Good Shepherd, He knows the way. Let us follow his teachings. Read the New Testament in the Bible. This is the owner’s manual of how to be pleasing to God. A piece of advice I picked up in the book “Joy” by Matthew Kelly. “I encourage you to train your body to allow your soul to be the master of your body, for the soul is eternal and that which is eternal should lead that which is temporal.

Thanks be to God

Lloyd Lapierre