Living the Gospel – June 27, 2021

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Have you ever wanted a cup of coffee or tea, filled the pot, plugged in the cord, and stepped away for a few minutes only to return to find that your water is still ice cold and your beverage is still sitting in the pot, grounds or bags as you left it? Upset, you search for the problem and find that in your haste, you forgot to flip on the power switch. The connection to the power source was never made.

Today we see Jesus walking with a large crowd when His journey is interrupted first by a centurion, a man of some prestige who falls at His feet begging Him to come, cure his young daughter who is dying. Jesus agrees only to be interrupted again –this time by a poor woman who has spent her life savings going from doctor to doctor in search of a cure for her (presumably) gynecological hemorrhage. She is, by Jewish standards, unclean. She is a social outcast who if she touched anyone, especially a man, would render them unclean too.

But she has heard of this Jesus, this man who has rendered so many miracles. She has listened, opened her heart, and truly believes He can heal her and she is willing to risk all to simply touch the hem of His garment! Such faith! Such courage!

Feeling the power go out of Him, Jesus searches for who had touched Him. She’s been caught! Fearful, trembling, she admits the whole truth. She knew Jesus could cure her if she could just get close enough to Him but…the ramifications! Jesus merely looks at her with love and says “Your faith has saved you!” No rebuke. She had made the connection to the power source! Power flowed from Jesus and she was cured!
Certainly, the Scribes and Pharisees and many others had touched Jesus. But they were not “touched” by Jesus. Why?

They were cold. Their hearts were not filled with openness and faith. Jesus does not, will not force Himself upon anyone. We need to believe, we need to trust. We need to “make the connection” and the power of Jesus will come into our lives. Jesus’ companionship is constant and strong. But we need to let Him into our lives in good times as well as the bad. We do not have to be “desperate” to connect with Jesus. In fact, it is the day-to-day connection with Him that strengthens our faith and our bond with Him.

We may not always receive the results we were looking for, but we will receive healing, peace and restoration and new life in ways we often cannot imagine.

Faith—trust—connection (prayer) = His power and new life for us!

Linda Caminiti