Living the Gospel – June 13, 2021

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Jesus uses many parables to give us a mental picture of what He is trying to teach us. Parables are about common things we have seen on earth and understand. Another benefit is that parables are not as affected by the changes in languages through-out the years. Today’s gospel uses the parable of the mustard seed. Most people know how to grow a garden and all gardeners know that without proper care, the seedlings will die. The same is true of the growth of our faith. It starts as a tiny idea or concept we were taught as children or maybe later as adults. So how do we nurture our tiny seed of faith into a beautiful life sustaining something that leads us to God the Father and happiness with Him in heaven. Relationships, like gardens, don’t grow without our time and effort. Gardens need water. Our faith is watered by Listening to God. He speaks very quietly. Sometimes He sends messages thru the actions of others, like your friends and sometimes directly to your heart. Listen carefully and He will make Himself known to you. Read the Bible, especially the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Gardens need sunshine and you can grow your faith by looking for positive influences in your life. Gardens need to be weeded. Weeds are the negative influences in your life. Weeds are easier to get rid of when they are still small. Get rid of all bad influences. Ask God if you are faced with weeds in your spiritual garden. Lastly you have to feed your garden. Prayer is how you feed your garden. Prayer is the Miracle Grow of spiritual gardens. Make prayer a habit, do it often. Soon your tiny faith seeds will have grown into a big beautiful relationship with God, giving you a glimpse of the beauty that waits for you in heaven. Happy gardening.

Thanks be to God,
Lloyd Lapierre