Living the Gospel – June 10, 2018

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What a chaotic scene! Jesus is trying to enjoy a meal with his friends, onlookers are crowding in seeking healing, some religious leaders are there to criticize him and his family approaches looking for him… worried that he is ‘losing it.’ How many times have we felt in a chaotic situation with so much happening in our lives that it is hard to know which direction to turn?

How many times have we, like Jesus, been criticized and questioned over our purpose, decisions and actions? In Mark’s Gospel Jesus once again gives us an example of how to live. Jesus didn’t abandon the disciples who were eating with him, but acknowledged, invited in and interacted with the newcomers. Jesus didn’t brush his family aside, but explained that those who follow the will of His Father are also members of his family.

What lesson does this hold for us?

Jesus appeared to handle one thing at a time…we too need to practice focusing on one thing at a time. The practice of mindfulness, living in the present moment can help us to respond to the person or event before us at this minute. We must trust that when it is time to think about/act on something different we will be able to give full attention to that situation. We must ask for the grace of mindfulness.

Jesus was criticized for his actions of healing. We too are criticized for what we do and say. Like Jesus we need to respond to those criticisms, take time to explain why we do things and then let the consequences happen. We must ask for the grace of conviction and clearness of speech.

Jesus was very inclusive in his thinking. At first glance it might sound like he was ignoring his mother and cousins…but in reality he was including those present and those doing the will of the Father as his family. We must pray for inclusiveness in our thoughts and actions

So many lessons in a short chaotic scene!

Peg Orzel