Living the Gospel – December 9, 2018

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The season of Advent is 4 weeks of preparation for the “first” coming of Christ at Christmas. The word Advent comes from Latin meaning a coming or an approaching of someone or something. In this case we have God approaching us on Earth by sending his only Son, Jesus, to teach us and show us the way to approach or get closer to the Father that we may gain “eternal” life in heaven. This is eternal as in endless and without end. This Sunday the Second Sunday of Advent we see John the Baptist telling his followers about the coming of Christ and stressing the need to repent and change their lives that their sins may be forgiven.

Advent for us is a reminder that we need to prepare ourselves for the “second” coming of Christ as depicted in the book of Revelations. At this time Christ will reign supreme over Satan and defeat Him. This will also be a time of judgment for all people. We will be either with God or against God. Jesus is the way to the Father. He is our shepherd and he controls the gate to Heaven. We need to get closer to God, and closer to Jesus. And how are we to do this ? The answer is PRAYER. We need to pray at least 10 minutes a day communicating with Jesus asking what we should do to become closer to the Father. Jesus loves us very much, He died for us a cruel death that our sins be erased and allow us to gain a place in heaven. During prayer Jesus shares with us the best way to lead our lives that we may attain joy, happiness and peace on this earth and in heaven. He fills us with hope and strength to live each day to the fullest. So many days we forget or don’t find the time to pray for even 10 minutes. If our church was to give each one of us $5000 dollars for each day we prayed for 10 minutes I am sure that everyone would find the time and not forget to say Hello to Jesus each morning. We need to reset our priorities and make talking to Jesus or the Father our TOP priority. Our time on Earth is short compared to Eternity. It is a time when we are being tested to determine if we are followers or not. The road is unknown and tricky and Satan is there to tempt you to go the wrong way which is why we need to pray and ask for help each and every day. 10 Minutes each day. How easy is that?

Thanks be to God

Lloyd Lapierre