Living the Gospel – April 10, 2022

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Living the Gospel – April 10, 2022

Today we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and for this triumphal entry he chose a simple, humble creature; he chose a donkey. This particular donkey was Chosen; out of all the donkeys in the village, this one was Chosen to be the Christ-bearer. The same is true for us; we are called to bear Christ to a world so much in need of his love, so much in need of the Prince of Peace. Like Saint Teresa of Calcutta, who answered the call of Jesus to bring his light and love to the poor and destitute, we are Chosen, in this time and this place to bring him to a world in need of hope.

Like Simon, who bore the cross of Christ, we are called to bear each other’s burdens and nowhere is this more visible for me than at the Homeless Mission in Winter Haven, Florida where I volunteer each winter. During this time of world turmoil, I see Christ still triumphant in the service of those in need of mental, physical and spiritual help. The Mission in Winter Haven is a place of joy and peace as volunteers and staff provide showers, meals, clothing and counseling to those in need. I see the homeless obtaining simple jobs (car washes, restaurants, landscaping, construction, garbage collection, etc.), finding housing, becoming free from addictions and finding hope as they encounter the love of Jesus’ disciples. I see immigrants welcomed and served. I see those who are no longer homeless giving back to the mission through service and sometimes monetary donations.

Here in Whitney Point, we have volunteers who provide assistance to low-income residents. They give of their time and treasurer to the food pantry, clothing bank, human development fund and community gardens. Let us be Christ-bearers by allowing Christ to use us as he did the Palm Sunday donkey and we will bring the Prince of Peace to our world.

Sylvia Bates