From Our Pastor: September 12, 2021

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From Our Pastor:
Brothers and sisters:
This weekend we as Americans commemorate the 9/11 tragedy of 2001. 20 years ago we experienced the single most loss of life in one day in American history, on our soil. So many lives have been affected for so long. It’s one of those events that most of us remember exactly where we were when it happened. It affected us physically and emotionally and spiritually. And yet, we should never forget it either.
We as humans, with God’s grace, are capable of such great things and when we close ourselves off to God’s grace we are capable of great evil. 9/11 is a stark reminder to us to remain close to the Creator, to seek His grace in our lives, and to obey His Son, Jesus Christ, in living our lives.
So much goodness also flourished during this attack on our homeland. First responders, strangers present, people of all walks of life, came together to assist and rescue their brothers and sisters. Even today, they are assisting those still affected. This too is a way to Never Forget.
Let us always remember. Especially let us remember to pray that the souls lost, will advocate for us still and that their loved ones will be consoled by Christ’s Resurrection and our share in it!
May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!
Fr. Corey