From Our Pastor – October 31, 2021

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From Our Pastor:

Throughout our lives, we seek happiness, which we believe ultimately is Union with our God, Creator, Redeemer, and Holy Spirit. We anticipate this to be Heaven and Eternal life.

This is a holy hope and one we must always seek and cherish. However, at times, we are going about this search in the wrong way. We see the attainment of this happiness as far off. God intends our Communion with Him NOW as we await His coming for us in Eternal Life. We are missing the happiness of being in Communion with God in the here and now!

Moses was given the Commandments so as to know the laws, the rules if you want, that lead to communion with God. Keep the commandments and communion with God will follow. The Gospel tells us the two greatest commandments for attaining Communion with God in the “ here and now,” is Loving God with your whole being and Loving your neighbor as yourself. Communion with God is attained in LOVE! LOVE of God and love of the God who is in your neighbor and yourself.

There is no need to wait for heaven to be in communion with God. In fact, you must love God now. God in you and in your neighbor, WITH LOVE.

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Fr. Corey