From Our Pastor – October 24, 2021

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Spiritual Sight

The blind man in today’s gospel asks Jesus to heal him, “I want to see!” Don’t we all!

Our blindness is real even if we have 20/20 eyesight. We often look in the wrong places to find that which we seek most; holiness and happiness. Why is this true? The answer is SIN.

Our sin is due to our spiritual blindness. We sometimes don’t even see our blindness. If we did, we would spend at least an equal amount of time in prayer as we do on our cell phones or watching TV. We would dedicate ourselves deliberately to works of charity, feeding and clothing the poor for example.

Do you know there are Catholics that believe they should wait to baptize their children until the child can decide if they want it or not? Do you know that many of our young Catholics get married after they’ve lived together for a while? You certainly know Catholics who disrespect LIFE in their support of Capital Punishment, Euthanasia, Abortion, etc. We are certainly suffering from Spiritual Blindness. We can’t see our sin, we don’t receive the Sacrament of Penance regularly, we’ve come to believe all religions are equal and call that Ecumenism, we receive Holy Communion when not in the state of grace or we attend Mass only when convenient. We are spiritually blind!

The sight can return! The Master, Jesus Christ, can and desires to heal us. Strengthen your own relationship with Christ Himself, through prayer, worship, confession, penance and good works. Learn the teachings of the Church, through the Apostles, and pass them on to your children. Rely less on society, government, economics to teach you or give you sight. Seek the sight of Christ and you will see Heaven!

May God bless you and may Mary keep you always in His love!

Fr. Corey