From Our Pastor – November 21, 2021

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From Our Pastor:


We as Americans, because of our history, are not generally disposed to embracing the idea of Kingship. We fought a war over it!

And yet, this last weekend of our Liturgical Year, our Church celebrates the Kingship of Jesus Christ and asks us to again, embrace Him as our King.

What makes this more possible for us is a better understanding of what Christ’s Kingship means; A kingship not of domination but of Service!

Christ came and is our King, not because He needs our obedience or wants to dominate us, but because He loves us and wants to share His Kingship with us.all you live till Everlasting Life.

And so, in our celebrating Chris as our King, we also celebrate our sharing in that life! What a way to begin our preparation for Advent and Christmas!

May God Bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Fr. Corey