From Our Pastor – March 6, 2022

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Brothers and Sisters:

Guess who is speaking to us in the Gospels today; you won’t believe it!

SATAN! Yep, in the devil’s temptations of Jesus in the desert, we too see our own hungers, our own temptations!

The devil tempts Jesus in his hunger for bread, yet Jesus resists knowing only His Father gives the Bread of Life. Then the devil temps Jesus with riches and power, if only he will worship him instead of The Father. Jesus, the Faithful one resists through the words of Scripture. Lastly, Satan tempts Jesus to test the Truth of Scripture and hurl himself off a cliff. Again Christ refuses!

Christ our brother knows the temptations of our lives. He also knows the grace of the Father.

Remember this Lent you’re not alone in your temptation; you have the company of Christ your Redeemer and the power of the Father, your loving Creator!

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Fr. Corey