From Our Pastor – July 18, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters:

Today, in our Scriptures we find interesting words pertaining to our Savior Jesus. Words like shepherd, guide, nourisher, righteous, strengthener, the peaceful one between Jews and Gentiles, between God and humanity. When we see or hear these words, representing Jesus Christ in His ministry, we must recall that Christ lives and still is all these things for us!

How are you doing on your own? Do you sometimes feel lost(I do!)? I need to be led sometimes in my floundering. Are you full or do you hunger for something but you don’t know just what it is? Christ can nourish us if we call upon Him. Ever feel weak, just can’t function anymore, need a rest, a pause? Christ can strengthen us, He will strengthen us, if only we will rest in Him!

At odds with family, neighbors, co-workers; just need some Peace? Christ can be our Peace. He is peace it self and Truth and Mercy and Forgiveness! Let us stop looking elsewhere, to the job, the material gain, to power, to politics, to economics. Turn to Christ, today, tomorrow. Always! He is our everything!

May God Bless Us and May Mary Keep Us Always In His Love!

Fr. Corey