From Our Pastor – February 6, 2022

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From Our Pastor:

Did you ever feel like you would do more for Christ if you could, but with work, family, relationships, etc. you just don’t have the time or energy? That’s how the disciples felt in Sunday’s Gospel.

They were bone-tired, they had been fishing all night with nothing to show for their efforts. Fishing the way they did, with nets was very hard work, not relaxing as it can be for us today. Peter voiced his doubtfulness but in the end, obeys. And the result was bursting nets with a huge catch!

I want to suggest that sometimes we need to say, “the heck with it, I’m going to do what Christ is calling me too, even though I don’t have the time or energy to do it!” Christ wants to work wonders through YOU! And He wants to bring you to Eternal life through your obedience.

How about letting Christ work through you no matter what the cost? Let Him amaze you and fulfill you in ways you haven’t imagined.

God bless and may Mary keep you always in His love!

Fr. Corey