From Our Pastor – February 27, 2022

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From Our Pastor:

Fellow parishioners:

As we near the beginning of Lent (this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday,) I sense in all of us a need and a desire to deepen our relationship with our God and I want to walk with you this Lent to accomplish that and in reality, am already feeling a strengthening in our sense of church and family . Last Monday, President’s Day, our youths came together for a pizza lunch and Question and Answer session with me. In our dialogue together I learned so much. Your children are holy! They deeply love their families, their Church and their God. They want to grow, they want to do Good, they want to contribute and they are FUN and FUNNY!

I also recently had an occasion to lunch with staff and others doing so much in ministry and social outreach in our parish and wider community. We are rich with dedicated folks who go out of themselves to serve God in others. They are a sign to all of us to do likewise.

We need to be empowered more through God’s grace to deepen our life in the Church, and here comes Lent! Please take note of the many opportunities to participate in our Lenten programs, intended just for this purpose. Ashes, confession, Stations of the Cross, Benediction, Adoration, and this year, a Parish Mission, April 3-5.


I’m sure we will have one of the best Lenten Season and Easter if all of us commit NOW to attend all these events and to participate in that which God has in store for us!

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Fr. Corey