From Our Pastor – 2nd Sunday Of Advent 2021

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From Our Pastor:

2nd Sunday Of Advent 2021

Last Weekend We Spoke About The Call To Wait. But As Troublesome As That Can Sometimes Be, It Doesn’t Mean To Be Idle Or Passive In Our Waiting.

The Scriptures Are Today Calling Our Waiting To Be Active! Active In Announcing What We Are Waiting For.

The Coming Of The Messiah Will Usher In Peace, Justice, And Charity. And That Is What We Can And Must Be About In Our Advent Season.

Be At Peace With Yourself, With Others, With Your God. Work For Peace Where You See Turmoil.

Deal Justly With Your Family Members, Fellow Neighbors, And Parishioners. Speak Out Against Injustice When You Encounter It.

Give Charitably To Others, Thinking Of Yourself Last And Others First.

Our Waiting Cannot Be Passive, As We Are Challenged To Be The Messengers Announcing The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand!

May God Bless Us And May Mary Keep Us Always In His Love!

Fr. Corey