Feasting on Life

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Welcome to all as we celebrate today with our Parish Picnic.

All the readings today are about feasting—feasting on life.

The Psalm suggests that it is through the act of tasting that we see. Reminiscent of our earliest days of life when we discovered our world by putting it into our drooling mouths, the Psalm invites us to see God’s goodness through the very act of savoring it often.

How many times in my day do I starve myself of the love God has for me? How many times do I devour dark spiritual food filled with “empty calories” like jealousy, self-righteousness, laziness or indifference? How many times, like a high-chair child, do I purse my lips and refuse to accept the life God wants to spoon feed me?

And, perhaps most importantly, how many times in my day do I feel unworthy of feasting on God because of choices I have made, habits I am unable to break or dark spirits I entertain?

To each and everyone of these “dietary” decisions we make, Jesus says, “Come, let’s eat!…The one who feeds on me will have life because of me.” Jesus meets us in the ordinary moments of our life when we are teetering on the fulcrum between life and death, often so subtle that we don’t even realize it. Our invitation today is to take our seat at the banquet table with Jesus and feast on life!

Excerpt from “Daily Reflection” by Kyle Lierk. Creighton University
Sue McDonald