Come, Follow Me

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Father, help me! I am lost and frightened!

Be not afraid. Our father in heaven has sent me. Come, follow me.

But it is dark and I cannot see clearly.

My word is your light. Come, follow me.

How can I follow? I do not know the way. Will you guide me?

I am not a guide; I am the Way to the Father. Come, follow me.

I am confused, and know not which way to turn.

Everyone who is of truth hears my voice. I am the Truth. Come, follow me.

I need a map so that I might find my own way.

All who would come to the Father must come through me. I am the Way. Come, follow me.

The way is too hard. I would die in the attempt.

I come to bring you life more abundantly. I am the Life. Come follow me.

To walk with you would be a delight, but I know not how to become worthy.

Whoever enters through me will be saved. I am the gate; I am the Way. Come, follow me.

I am small, weak, and powerless. You ask too much of me. It is impossible.

Have faith for in God, all things are possible. Come, follow me.

You are the place where heaven reaches down to touch the earth.

I surrender my life to you. I will be your disciple, the follower of the way.

I will follow you.

Linda Crowley