Blind, But Now We Can See

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Vision, eyesight—something most of us take for granted. But there are several different kinds of sight although they all really do involve “seeing.” For some kinds of “sight,” though “understanding” may be a better choice of word.

In today’s gospel physical eyesight was what the blind man asked for. Sometimes I really have to applaud this man. He knew that Jesus was a “miracle worker” of sorts—everyone in the area did. His reputation, no doubt, preceded him. But the blind man did not really KNOW Jesus. Yet he demonstrated faith, trust, and humility in approaching Jesus and in following what Jesus asked of him. (I’m not so sure that if I expected to receive my sight from someone and that someone merely smeared mud on my eyes and told me to go wash in some pool, that I wouldn’t have turned away in disappointment and wiped my eyes with my sleeve!) But we know that the man was not only given his sight, but was given the gift of true faith.

The Pharisees, on the other hand, were so full of pride and prejudice that they couldn’t accept the miracle that was performed before their very eyes. Jesus tells them in no uncertain terms that if they were ignorant of His teachings and works, they would have no guilt; but because they had the opportunity and still didn’t believe, they remained in their guilt.

What about us? We are half way through the introspective season of Lent. Are we “seeing” ourselves honestly; recognizing those areas in our hearts and minds that need changing? Are we turning to Christ with faith and humility and asking Him to help us change? Or, are we still blinded by our own pride and prejudice? To honestly look at ourselves and admit our failings isn’t always easy. But Christ’s love and mercy gives us the grace to do just that.

Our Lenten penance service will be at the Whitney Point Church April 11th at 7pm. If this date isn’t convenient, St. Mary’s will host the Cortland area penance service April 4th at 7pm. Avail yourself of these opportunities to experience Christ’s mercy and love in your life—it’s a chance to grow closer to Him and to prepare ourselves for the joyous experience of Easter!

Linda Caminiti