….and we think our days are busy…

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Do you realize all that Jesus did in today’s Gospel passage? Mark relates the events of a Sabbath day at the beginning of Jesus’ public life. The busy day (and night) for Jesus involved public worship, teaching in the synagogue, healing, driving out evil spirits, and praying privately. Jesus appears to be very attentive and responsive to the events as they unfolded during the day. The people present were astounded as they heard and watched him in action and …..they questioned how he could do it all.

When you meet someone who has accomplished so much good and helped so many others, do you wonder how they can do it? Is it because they are in a place of authority or is it that they are aware of the abilities and gifts that they have been given by God, and relying on God, they are given the strength to continually share their talents.

The word “authority” comes from a Latin verb augere, which means to make something increase. Its root can be found in the word ‘author,’ one who creates. So real authority is not having power over people so that they can make them do what they want them to do. It is the ability to en-able people, to em-power them…..to enable them to transcend themselves, to grow as persons, to be more effective in the development and use of their innate gifts.

Perhaps our Gospel passage today is calling us to reflect on our personal strengths, the talents given to us by God, and a reminder for us to ask the Holy Spirit to help us overcome any self centeredness or fear and use our talents.

We are each called to be God’s “relay station.” We have each been given unique talents and gifts to share with those we meet. If we are true disciples of Jesus, living as He did, united with The Father and doing good, then people will notice. They might not be amazed or astonished with what we say or do…but they see our attempt to live in a Godly way. Be brave, be generous, give credit where it is due….God is acting in and through us. We are His “relay station”….don’t block His message!

Peg Orzel