Accepting What We Cannot Understand

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Our Gospel today focuses on Joseph as he accepted to live his life in a manner that he had not chosen for himself. He might have been tempted to say “Forget it! I don’t want any part of this.” He could have been tempted to run away, but God tells him, “Don’t be afraid. I am here with you.” It certainly wasn’t the life that Joseph had planned, but this was the way God wanted to be born….and Joseph accepted that!

We too are called to accept the circumstances of life. We certainly don’t get to choose how everything will unfold. We can make choices and our choices definitely have consequences, but there are some situations that are beyond our control. With God’s grace we can handle what comes our way. We can use all things, joyous celebrations and sad happenings, to make us more aware of God’s presence in the world. We may not understand (just as Joseph was confused), but we can act and speak in faith as Joseph did….faith in God, faith in other people and faith that all will be well.

As we continue to prepare for Christmas we are asked, as Joseph was, to deepen our faith, to accept our life with all its uncertainties and its difficulties as a call from God to trust him and to serve him. God is asking to be born again in us and in our world: in and through Jesus’ presence within us.  God is born in us when we become more present to each other, more aware of each other’s pains and sorrows, more helpful to each other in difficult times…when we stretch out our hand in solidarity and offer a friendly smile.

Lord, help us to accept the unexpected!

Peg Orzel