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St. Mary Recycle Mission Will Be In Our Area The Week Of July 12th.

Over the last 20+ years, they have helped recycle items from Churches that unfortunately were closing, items from former Clergy that are not being used, as well as from Parishioners who need to place their personal religious items. We have found many of these items in the trash. We can offer a donation to you for your recycling efforts if you wish. Our recycling program has helped us to help parishes both in need of items as well as with their financial needs. We have a marked bin outside our Marathon Church (at the side door with the ramp) so you can bring your small items anytime. If you’re in the Whitney Point area items can be brought to the parish office M-Th, 8 am – 12 pm, and any large items need to be brought to our parish office in Whitney Point. They can take in or give just about anything of Religious nature that can be used by other churches, convents, or religious organizations such as: – Vestments including Chasubles, Stoles, Albs, etc. (even if they are soiled or tattered, as we have them professionally cleaned and/or restored if possible so they can be worn, we can also use them to make new vestments, rosary cases or missal covers, we accept any style, color, vintage)
– Crucifixes
– Statues
– Rosaries (damaged ok)- Vestments (any condition)
– Chalices (Pottery ok but please not by mail)
– Altar Ware
– Candle Sticks/Candle Racks
– Tabernacles
– Relics
– Monstrances
– Altar Stones- Altar Books/Missals/Lectionaries
– Holy Medals- Holy Cards
– Linens
– Paraments
– Small Prayer books (Please no regular books or pamphlets)- Framed Pictures, etc.
Please do not throw anything out that may be questionable. Please, No reading Books or large furniture type items at this time.