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New Ministries is about to complete their grant monies.

Our deadline for our report is June 1. OUR ORDERS WILL NEED TO BE COMPLETED DURING APRIL AND MAY. Since we are trying to know the needs of our community during this time and be of assistance to them, I am seeking your assistance. Do you know anyone in need of a lifeline? We could probably fill 5more orders…( Do you know anyone living alone or has a family with someone sick at home and the caregiver would be assisted if the person needs to be left for a short time ? )The summer is coming. Some people have difficulty with the heat especially if they are elderly or for some reason confined to home. Our grant has MOBILE air conditioners for their use. We could probably order 3 more. (let us know if you can refer someone or have them call.) Your help will be greatly appreciated. Sister Kathleen Heffron, CSJ, New Ministries 607- 486- 4092.