National Rosary Coast To Coast Crusade – October 10, 2021

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The National Rosary Coast To Coast Crusade is being held on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Our local prayer group, members of St. Patrick’s Church in Whitney Point and Immaculate Conception Church in Greene, are going to participate. We will hold our mini rosary rally in the St. Patrick’s Peace Garden. We are inviting the parishes to participate with us in this crusade. The more prayer warriors, the greater the efficacy. Please bring a lawn chair and if it rains we will gather inside our Whitney Point Church.

The event is being coordinated by the US GRACE FORCE, led by Doug Barry and Father Richard Heilman of St. Mary’s Church in Madison, WI. It is an annual nationwide effort to call on the power of Heaven to come to our aid in the dark times in which we are living. All that we hold dear, our faith, our family, and our democracy are in grave jeopardy. As you know, the rosary, requested by Our Lady so often, is the most powerful weapon we have. Participants are from all over the nation and the world with people as far away as the UK and Southeast Asia. It is expected there will be even greater participation as the 10th draws near. With your help, we can do our small part to add to all those praying together for a return of our nations, our cultures, and our world to God and to Holiness! The rosary will begin at 2:00 PM when the main event is taking place in Washington, DC.