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We plan to restart Children’s Liturgy here at St. Patrick’s on February 2022. Children’s Liturgy is a time just for children, where they hear and learn about the scriptures in words they understand. This special time allows children to learn more about God as well as to share their understanding of God’s Word.

Children’s Liturgy will take place each Sunday during the 8:30 am Mass. After the Opening Prayer, Father Corey calls the children forward and blesses them. The children then go downstairs with Children’s Liturgy Leaders. They return upstairs in time to celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist with their families.

All children from age 3 through – 3rd grade are very welcome!

** Adult and Teen Leaders are needed to assist with presenting lessons and activities. All materials are pre-printed and provided weekly. Leaders are welcome to observe a session before doing it on their own. Liturgies are scheduled on a rotating basis. This allows everyone to join the regular liturgies as often as possible,