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At Our Marathon Church:

  • VHDS Tapes:
    Fr. Doug has given the OK to dispose of our VHS tapes. They will be on the table in the entrance to the church for you to take until March 17th . Please remember that we have access to to watch at home, too.
  • Children’s Pamphlets:
    Attention Marathon parents. We offer a children’s pamphlet with activities that address the readings of the Sunday mass. They are available on Sundays when Faith Formation classes are not in session. Please ask the greeters or help yourself from the Journey Songs tables. There is a preschool/early school student and older child version.
  • Vision Box:
    The Vision Box for the Marathon setting will be on the table at the church entrance (vestibule). Papers and writing tools are there for you to fill out at your leisure and return to the box.