Mother’s Day

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Nested wooden dolls, also called matryoshka, babushka, and stacking dolls, originated in China and are popular in Russia. The set appears as one doll, which opens up to reveal a smaller doll hidden inside; then this, too, opens to reveal a still smaller one, all the way down to the smallest, which is solid. Many of these are hand painted with each doll’s dress a unique color and design. Now the dolls are even made to depict the different characters in a fairy tale or different animals…but they are all the same in that when you first look at them all you see is one doll.
The nesting doll is a world renowned symbol of maternity, continuity, and layers of personality. I think they can also help us understand the prayer that Jesus prayed for his followers in the Gospel account today. On the night he was betrayed, Jesus prayed “for all of those who would put their trust in him.” In his prayer, Jesus said, “Father, I pray that they all may be one as You and I are one. Just as You are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us.” Jesus wanted all of his followers to be one.
Just as the different dolls are nested one inside the other, we who trust in Jesus, become aware that we are one in Him. We may be different in the way we look, the way we speak, and our different national and religious customs and traditions, but we share the common core of our humanity and divinity. We are all on a journey to become more Christ-like. Our true essence is love…. and when we realize that, our actions will reflect our divine core.
As we celebrate Mother’s Day, may we be grateful for those women in our lives who have manifested true love for us in their day to day caring actions. May we also appreciate the beauty of creation as new life appears in nature.
Have a blessed week and remember to share the gift of love that is always within you!

Peg Orzel