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To See as Jesus Sees

To be blind back in the day of Jesus was to be an outcast. There was no education, no audio learning devices, no braille. You could not earn a living. You were virtually dependent upon others for all your needs. You were a beggar. Is it any wonder that this poor beggar, who had heard of the great things “this Jesus” did placed himself in the best position he could so that when Jesus passed by, he could call out, cry out, plead for Jesus to cure him? Jesus knew what he needed, what he wanted, but still he asked: “What do you want me to do?”

“Master, that I may see!”

We may not be outcasts, we have education, and yes, while we are interdependent on one another, we are not totally dependent on others for our basic needs. But in a sense, we are beggars… blind beggars, as we beg Jesus to show us His way…to see how we can lead a life of discipleship.

To “see” as Jesus sees is not easy. It means living in a manner where the first are last and the last are first, where one forgives one’s enemies seventy times seven times, where the one who loses his life saves it, where the miserable chest-striking publican in the back of the Temple is more worthy than the triumphant Pharisee in front, where proud fathers run to their wayward sons instead of the other way around, where one gives his coat when only asked for a shirt, good deeds are to be done in secret, and the one who wishes to rule over all must be the servant of all!

Talk about subversive teaching! Think about what you’ve just read. That’s a tough mission statement and won’t get you very far in a world of greed and me-first.

As I read these gospel teachings (and yes, they were all listed together in an article* I read), I could picture a modern day situation for everyone of them. And as the author stated, it IS a tough mission statement in our world today and it takes courage to see it AND live it!

Yes, we can be as blind as that poor beggar. Perhaps, we should pray to that blind man for the courage, the faith and the insight to “throw aside” our greed, our selfishness, and our fears so that we can see as Jesus sees and follow Him on the way!

*(From Once Upon a Gospel: Inspiring Homilies and Insightful Reflections by William J. Bausch).

Linda Caminiti