Living the Gospel – June 9, 2019

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Flowing like a River

We usually think of the Holy Spirit as a rush of wind, or a snow white dove descending on the recipient. That’s the way we most often read about it in our Bibles. But I also love the image of the Holy Spirit being like water.

Water is life giving – we can’t survive without it. Neither can we survive eternity without the salvation offered by our Lord. The Holy Spirit nourishes me; it is the Living Water I so desperately need.

Water is everywhere – in the air in the sea, and running through our communities. So is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is found in our churches, but also in scripture, in our homes, and in the lives of others. When I thirst for God, I only have to locate the Living Water as it exists around me.

Water can be a guide. I know if I am lost in the wilderness I can follow a stream downhill; eventually, it will lead me to human habitation and help. When I was lost spiritually, I found the water of Baptism and it led me to my salvation. I know the water of the Holy Spirit will revitalize me while I seek my end goal of Christian living and a connection to God.

Water cleanses. I use water to clean away dirt, to wash my clothes, my dogs, my dishes. The water of the Spirit also cleans me; I see this again in each Baptism celebrated in our church. Original sin, along with other past sins are washed away, gone forever. When I get dirty again by digging in the garden or playing with the dogs, I can shower and come clean again. While the cleansing of Baptism washes away original sin, I know I will fall again. It’s a part of being human. But thanks to the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of my sins, even when it’s the same sin committed over and over again, is mine for the asking. I can be clean again inside as well as outside.

Plants need water to grow fruit, just as I need the gifts of the Holy Spirit to reach my own potential. When I’m connected to the True Vine, the Spirit waters me, prunes me, and encourages me to continue to grow and become the best version of myself. It allows me to become as God intended for me to be – which will make me a happier and healthier person.

Without water, I would soon die. Without the Spirit, I would be an orphan, cut off from my Father, and cut off from the vine. I would wither away spiritually and endanger my humanity. I will always need the Living Water as presented by the Holy Spirit.

Linda Crowley