Living the Gospel – July 26, 2020

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The gospel today reminds us that there is a quality to the Kingdom of Heaven which is sometimes hidden from the wise and the wealthy, but shown to the poor and the humble. Jesus tells his disciples “to you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven but it is not given to all.” In our world today we get news and information mainly via radio, television or internet where we are also bombarded with commercials who attempt to convince us to buy a certain product that will change our lives for the better, something we can’t live without.

When God wants to communicate with us however it is with a quiet voice which you won’t be able to hear unless you turn off all the electronic devices and go to a quiet place and pray and listen for the voice of Jesus our Good Shepherd. His is the voice we are to follow in order to find the Kingdom of Heaven. The Holy Spirit will put a message in your heart and you will know that you have found a great treasure, a pearl of great value. Take comfort in praying to Jesus our savior as he leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only in God that our souls will find rest.

Thanks be to God,

Lloyd Lapierre

Intercessions for Life

For all those nearing death:
That their faith will grow ever stronger,
as they prepare in hope
to share eternal life with Christ;
We pray to the Lord: