Living the Gospel – January 05, 2020

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On the Epiphany of the Lord, we celebrate the birthday of Jesus. But it is also a celebration of Light. The wise men followed a Light to eventually find the Baby Jesus and his mother Mary. They followed the star which led them to Jerusalem thinking the King of the Jews would be born in a large city. They were informed by the chief priests and the scribes that according to the Old Testament, the King of the Jews was to be born in the lowly town of Bethlehem. They then saw the star again which led them to Bethlehem. But the Star was first seen by the shepherds who were guarding their sheep. Jesus came to the Jewish people first then to the Gentiles. He came to the humble and ignorant first, then to the honorable and the learned. He came to the poor first, then to the rich. As Christians, we are called to follow the light of the Gospel attentively, tirelessly and courageously. Our search for God means to walk, looking up to the sky and seeing the invisible God who speaks to our hearts.

Pope Frances says that all Christians must give light to the world. Our faith must be like a burning lamp that brings light to the darkness. This light comes from God. It is not your own, but is a gift from God. You must not hide this light under a bushel basket, but hold it up for all to see. If you lose this light, your life will not make sense anymore. You must learn to be poor in spirit, be gentle, be pure of heart, and be merciful. Learn to care for and love your brothers and sisters. Learn to love all things that God has created. You will then be the salt of the earth and light of the world.

Thanks be to God

Lloyd Lapierre