Living the Gospel – April 4, 2021

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I think this is the first time I’ve written on Easter. I often wondered what I could say because Jesus said it all! I HAVE RISEN!

But look back. Put yourself in the place of the women ( Matthew, and Mark record Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother of James. Mark adds Salome, and in Luke, Joanna is added.)

These women had followed Jesus. They loved Him even though they didn’t fully understand. But even in death they came to minister to Him—to anoint His body as was their custom. They were concerned about rolling back the stone “for it was very large”. They needn’t have worried. The tomb was open and empty! They were met by a heavenly creature—a man dressed in white, an angel perhaps? “Do not be afraid”, he tells them. “He is not here. He is risen!” Can you sense their confusion? The Gospel accounts tell us they were told, “GO and tell the disciples!” The first missionaries! To see for themselves, Peter and John run to the tomb. They, too, do not understand, but they know one thing: Their beloved Jesus is alive!

And as you read on in the Easter Scriptures to follow, especially the Acts of the Apostles, they DID go. They told the story time after time—and even more strongly after Pentecost when they truly began to understand all that Jesus said and did.

Again, put yourself in their place. What do you do when a momentous joy befalls you? You tell everyone you know whether face to face, on the phone or on FaceBook! You can’t stop talking about it.

Jesus had risen from the dead just as He said He would. The disciples were elated—and so began the first “Faith Formation Classes!”

And so began our own mission given to us in Baptism. Jesus is alive to us too. He is alive IN us! We just need to open up our hearts and set Him free! GO, share your joy with all whom you meet. Your Savior has died and has risen for YOU!


A Happy and Blessed Easter to all of you!

Linda Caminiti