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Today’s Gospel is considered to be one of the most confusing accounts in the Bible. But when we look at the economic system at the time, it becomes a bit clearer. A steward is called dishonest because he is not serving the interests of his employer, a very rich man. When the steward is told he will lose his job, he attempts to win favor with the rich man’s debtors, (hoping for future favors) by cutting their repayments by the amount of fees he had levied on them (his commission.) The steward’s practical wisdom to solve the problem by lowering their debts, won him the praise of the rich man. …. so it is not the dishonesty of the fired steward, but rather his wisdom that is being praised. We once again see that Jesus can use flawed individuals to teach lessons and that should give each of us hope. No matter what our past actions, we are given the opportunity each day to start anew and dedicate ourselves to sharing God’s love in the practical events of our day.

The passage ends with three reminders. The first is to be prudent about the use of wealth. Like the steward in the parable, those who would follow Jesus must put transitory affairs in proper perspective. …and so we ask ourselves: Do I spend more time worrying about my things than helping others with their lives? The second concerns trustworthiness. Those who can be trusted in small things can also be trusted in great things. ….and so we ask ourselves: How attentive am I to living in a Christ like manner in the small details of my daily life?

Finally, Jesus tells his listeners that no one can serve two masters simultaneously….and so we ask ourselves: Is God (Love) truly the most important thing in my life?

This Gospel gives us lots to think and pray about as we enjoy the beautiful, crisp weather of Fall!

Peg Orzel