From Our Pastor – July 25, 2021

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From Our Pastor:

Brothers and Sisters:

In today’s Gospel from St. John we begin a few weeks of concentration on Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist, our greatest everlasting gift from God. This section is often called the “Eucharistic Discourse.”

This gift is so central to our salvation that it deserves an extended meditation by us as to what we need and enjoy. In the saving act of Christ. This meditation comes at a much needed time, when we have recently experienced a forced denial of the Eucharist because of the pandemic and now are moving into an opening up of Eucharistic celebrations.

Christ gave us the Eucharist as He prepared to depart from His disciples at the Last Supper. However, more importantly, it is the actual redemptive act itself, His suffering and death on the Cross of Calvary. Each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we are present at the Cross and receive the grace of our Salvation! The Eucharist is the reality of the Cross, present to us in Time and Space…here and now! It is not another Calvary, it is Christ’s Calvary, the one Cross at Calvary, through which our Salvation is given!

Listen carefully to the gospels these next few weeks, it’s the story of Eternal Life!

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His Love!

Fr. Corey