From Our Pastor: August 8, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters:

We’ve been hearing the “Bread of Life Discourse” of the Gospel of John during our last two Sundays, and again this Sunday.

We find today, that the Eucharist we celebrate, indeed that we consume, reveals the closeness of God to us, His children.

The nature of God has been the subject of all since the beginning of time, from the Garden of Eden to today. However, Jesus, the Son of God, in today’s gospel, gives the definitive explanation of His nature and that of His Father, “I am the Bread of Life, come down from heaven; whoever eats this bread will live forever.”

He doesn’t say I am the King, he doesn’t say I’m, first of all, he doesn’t demand homage from us. He says, take and eat this bread, let me become part of you, your most important part, consume me, and you will have life forever! That’s who our God is, Son of the Father, Jesus the Savior BECAUSE He IS “the Bread of Life!”

And so we have the Life of the Father, the Life of the Son, when we receive worthily and allow the grace of His becoming part of us, to change our life, our behavior, our disposition and live true happiness.

This is truly, God’s greatest gift to us and we dare not take it for granted or abuse it in any way. How much God loves us! More than any friend, child, spouse, or anyone. We must, because we have His life within us, love the same way, bring Christ with us wherever we are or what we are called to do.

May God bless us and May Mary keep us always in His Love!

Fr. Corey