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From Our Pastor:

My friends, our Lenten Period of penance and reflection on the life, passion, death and Resurrection draws to a close this week, culminating in our celebration of the Risen Christ.

Christ is Risen, indeed He is Risen!

Along with our celebration comes the Mission. And the Mission is this; to announce through Word and deed that our faith in the Risen Christ and our sharing in that Resurrection has transformed our lives and is central to our lives for salvation and happiness in this life and in eternity.

Our Lent has prepared us to say a resounding YES to the calling in this mission. We know we are forgiven sinners, we know we are gifted with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, we feel the empowering Grace of Almighty God to accept the Mission and seek out every opportunity to announce to the world, wherever we are, that Christ is Risen, indeed He is Risen!

I’m sorry I was unable to be with you throughout this Lenten period but I know in my heart that you have observed the Lenten practices, acknowledged your forgiveness of sin and will be great missionaries moving forward to announce the Good News that Christ is Risen!

Again, be assured of my continued love of all of you personally, and our faith family as a community. You will all be remembered in my own Easter celebrations.

Be good to one another and know that Christ is our Head and the Mission is paramount for all of us and for the world!

May God bless us and may Mary keep us always in His love!

Happy Easter!

Fr. Corey