Easter Sunday – April 1, 2018

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On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalena and the women were the first to visit the tomb and saw that the large stone blocking the entrance had been pushed aside. They went back to tell the apostles that Jesus was taken away. Peter and John then went to the tomb and there discovered the burial cloths had been neatly folded which suggested to John that Jesus had done this as a sign that he had resurrected. Later on they remembered what Jesus had said about being put to death and rising from the dead. They remembered Jesus had said “I go before you to prepare a place for you. If Jesus has truly risen from death then so can we. If we are with Him in His suffering, so can we be with Him in his risen joy.

When God created the first humans, he put them in the Garden of Eden so as to share with them His bountiful love for us. However Satan was determined to screw this up out of jealousy probably and managed to convince Adam and Eve that they were equal to God and did not need to always obey Him. Then they sinned against God and were cast out of the Garden of Eden

By His death on the cross, Jesus has erased this sin that was preventing us from ever reaching Heaven. You know, many people buy lottery tickets when the pot gets around 300 million. I do so myself sometimes. Wow what I could do with 300 million. It would make me very happy maybe?? But how many of us realize that Christ by dying on the cross for us has won for us the ability to go to heaven. Now, this is worth more than all the money on planet earth. And we are all winners. All you have to do is to “accept” your prize, and what a prize it is. You accept your prize by being a loving, kind and unselfish person, willing to help others and by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. Listen to His voice and follow His teaching as written the New Testament of the Bible. We need to work very hard at becoming more perfect. Yes we will stumble and fall numerous times, but we need to get up, dust ourselves off and keep on going. Remember that God is very forgiving. The door to heaven is now open to those who want to meet Jesus face to face and be with Him and God for all eternity.

Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless Glory.

Lloyd Lapierre