Living the Gospel – February 14, 2021

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Our sins, our failings, make us unclean as much as leprosy did in the time of Jesus. So what can be done about it? I guess that is the question that haunts us all. If I ignore my guilt and pretend that I did nothing wrong, it will surely eat away at me as much as a sore from leprosy. If I wallow in my guilt and see no recourse, I will surely live in my own hell until I die, unforgiven.

The only answer I can see is to do exactly what the leper in the Gospel did: acknowledge my sinfulness, turn to Jesus and beg for healing, and go to the priest to have my new cleanliness accepted by others. Through the sacrament of penance, I can go to the priest just as the leper did, and by offering my heartfelt repentance, be declared healed. I can be washed clean and rediscover the grace of joy.

Prayer for Cleansing
Wash me clean, O Lord!
Cleanse me of my sins,
My failings, my weaknesses.
Open my eyes so that I can see where I have failed.
Teach me how to become better, more like you
So that I don’t hurt you anymore.
You are gentle and forgiving in your love.
Teach me Your ways.
I love you, my Lord,
I don’t want to hurt you again.
I don’t want to soil you anymore.
Forgive me, and give me a fresh start.
Wash me clean.

Linda Crowley