Memorial Day – 2022

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God Of Power And Mercy,
You Destroy War And Put Down Earthly Pride.
Banish Violence From Our Midst And Wipe Away Our Tears,
That We May All Deserve To Be Called Your Sons And Daughters.
Keep In Your Mercy Those Men And Women
Who Have Died In The Cause Of Freedom
And Bring Them Safely
Into Your Kingdom Of Justice And Peace.
We Ask This Though Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Please Pray For Our Following Friends And Family In The Military:

SSgt Justin Blaisdell
Kris Carstens
Michael Cruz
Sgt Heather Fox
Captain Chris Gitro
SSG Steven Gross
Brett Hayes
SSgt Michael Hetzler
Sgt Avery Hull
2nd Lt. Trevor Jones
LCpl John Larkin, Jr., USMC
A2C Derek Lescord
LCDR Maria Lescord
PV2 Samuel Lilley
LCDR Paul McDonald
Devon McGill
PV2 James McGill
Major Caleb Miller
Major Corrine Miller (AirForce)
LC USMC Daniel Morehouse
Sgt Zachary Reardon USMC
A1C Brendan Schneider
OS3 Jonathan Schneider
LCDR Marvin Joel Scott III
2nd Lt. Emily Steele USAF
Sgt Nicholas Stone
Major John Thomas
Major Joy Thomas
USMC SSgt Dan Votra